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penang urban sculpture programme registration

Penang Urban Sculpture Contest

We Bring Your Creativity to Reality

penang urban sculpture programme registration


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Theme: where light meets water

penang urban sculpture programme registration

Call-out to all Design enthusiasts and Sculpture lovers! The Light City’s Sculpture Design Contest could be the opportunity to dazzle the public with your remarkable talent! Send us your sculpture design and stand a chance to have it brought to life!

Jom sertai Pertandingan Seni Arca Moden anjuran The Light City! Inilah peluang keemasan anda untuk menunjukkan bakat dan kreativiti! Semua seniman anak muda adalah dipelawa untuk menghantar lakaran idea secara dalam talian. Anda Mencipta, Kami Membina!



Any Malaysian with a valid student ID

Semua warganegara malaysia yang menpunyai ID pelajar dalam tempoh sah laku


Sculpture Theme: Where Light Meets Water

Known as The Pearl of the Orient, Penang is embraced by blue sea and a multitude of visitors are attracted to its landscape of oriental, colonial as well as local influences. The pearl represents the island, while the ocean embodies the deep ocean water, and when sunlight shines upon it, everything comes alive.


Light epitomises the essence of all life. But for life to form and flourish, water must be the cradle. The balancing act between light and water shall enkindle an unique masterpiece that enthral the world. New form of life can be imagined in an unprecedented level of art when the light meets water.

Sculpture Size: 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 metre

Not more than three (3) Sculpture Design Artworks in digital format (JPEG/PDF)

Setiap peserta boleh menghantar tidak melebihi tiga (3) penyertaan dalam format digital (JPEG/PDF)


Fill up registration form and Upload designs to designated link within contest period
(Final Submission by 11:59 p.m. on 31st July 2022)

Isi Borang Penyertaan dan Muat Naik hasil reka cipta anda ke dalam pautan yang disediakan di portal sebelum tarikh tutup (11:59 p.m. 31 Julai 2022)

Upload URL will be provided here soon!