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Lifestyle & Self-Pamper

Self-pamper session turns into broken promise all the time? Don’t let procrastination become a defining hallmark of you! Treat yourself like a queen and allow some time to indulge in what cheers the day up. , but YOU are the first line of defense against health issues. Listen to your body and let the pampering revitalise you inside and out!

No ideas where to start? Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of self-care tips that you can try right away and some can even be done in the convenience of your own home!

Enjoy sensory bath experience & nourishing body care.
Create a skincare routine that nourishes your body and soul. Start off with a deep cleansing to get rid of daily dirts and grime. Dim the lights and throw in bath bombs to enjoy a relaxing bath. Light up some scented candles to melt your stress away. Fresh out of the bath, pamper your skin with body cream or lotion to replenish hydration. Choose scents that make you feel good all day long and enjoy the fragrance vacation!

Grab some indulgent sweet treats or coffee
Drop by your favourite café. Skip the scale and indulge in something sweet once in a while. Match it with a good cup of java because coffee makes everything better! Enjoy the hip atmosphere of the coffee place and let your worries drift away.

Lifestyle & Self-Pamper

Work it out!
Staying active is proven to keep our body and mind healthy. It boosts the release of endorphins (and combats depression. Whether you hit the gym or decide to sweat buckets with some YouTube fitness channels, exercise does miracle to your body, mind and mood. After workout, try yoga poses that give your body a good stretch and relax muscles with some massage.

Go for a Leisurely Walk
Lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement. Recreational stroll gives you great opportunity to practice mindfulness in which you pay attention to your mind, body and feelings. Enjoy the breathtaking sunset view at the waterfront trails or lose yourself in forest bath at the park walking routes. Make it a short escape from hustling work and find your inner peace.

Chilling out with music
Saying music is the essential therapy for self-pampering is an understatement. It is what your brain needs to unwind. 30 minutes of music therapy a day lowers your stress level significantly. Set up a playlist filled with your favourite songs today. Sit back with your favourite book and enjoy the healing power of music.

Life is too short to not treat yourself. Start setting aside time for self-pamper today. It gives your body the care it deserves and rejuvenate your mind as well as soul. We hope you find our tips useful and at least one can find its way into your daily self-pamper routine!

Lifestyle & Self-Pamper
Lifestyle & Self-Pamper